Friday, March 22, 2013


In light of the on-going killings of innocent people resulting from American drone strikes (Press 7/02 'World') in the Islamic world and our subservient alliance with US foreign policy, it is imperative to have our military alliance with that country publicly debated, as US foreign policy is bound top have serious repercussions for New Zealand as well. Obama claims that the use of drones are 'morally and ethically' defensible, because they kill with surgical precision. That is an unacceptable deceptive excuse, for it is not its claimed precision, but the ordnance used; small rockets which explode on impact and kill innocent bystanders in the immediate vicinity of the targeted suspect being often women and children. (e.g. during a funeral or wedding celebration). If we consider the widespread use of torture (CIA rendition to countries notorious for their human rights violations, Guantanamo Bay, the spying on US citizens, the almost daily murders in the US itself) as well as America's enormous economic and financial problems, increasing unemployment and poverty, than there can be no doubt that the US is morally, socially and ethically in sharp decline.
8 February 2013