Thursday, March 21, 2013


There is no need to apologize for the cartoon (Press 30/01 'World') in the Sunday Times recently as it accurately, precisely and truthfully depicts Netanyahu's pernicious policies in the illegally Israeli occupied West Bank. It shows once again the enormous power the Zionist lobbies are wielding over our corporate news media accusing critiques of 'anti-Semitism', demanding apologies from the editor in their efforts to defend their reprehensible actions against defenceless, innocent people. The Israeli Human Rights Movement B"Tselem recently reported 56 Palestinian stone throwers being killed, mostly young boys still in their teen. Over the last 45 years many thousands of Palestinians have been killed in this way. Anti-Semitism is often wrongly confused with anti-Zionism; they are completely different things. Criticizing NAZI Germany does not mean hating Germans, although may of them - same as Israelis to-day and beyond - were caught up in the Nazi propaganda web. Personally I have great respect for the many Jewish people opposing Zionism.
30 January 2013