Friday, July 5, 2013


Reply to Lorne Kuehn (Weekend Press 25/05)
Come on Mr. Kuehn what do you expect ? The question how populations can be protected from excessive violence of the types recently displayed in London and Boston is not so difficult to answer. Stop all wars that we have not only brought onto ourselves, but also exacerbated by financing and arming Islamic rebels affiliated to al Qaida, currently in Syria and in the past also in Afghanistan including the Taliban during the Soviet occupation ! Judging from recent utterings from President Obama that it is time to "end the war on terror", the President apparently is also - hopefully - beginning to realize that the incessant indiscriminate killings of innocent men, women and children in Islamic countries is counter productive, invoking and fuelling hatred towards the west. It was reported quite recently that two US drone 'pilots' quit their jobs after watching on their screens the gruesome mutilated images of women and children in Yemen and Afghanistan. Mr. Kuehn should read Michael Chossudovski "America's War on Terror", a book that makes quite compelling reading.