Friday, July 5, 2013


The US accusations of the Syrian government using chemical weapons is simply a pretext - similar as we have seen before in Iraq at the time - to intervene in that war and incidentally comes at a time that Syrian government forces are gaining the upper hand. The accusation obviously emanates from growing frustrations by the US and its European allies over the failure of rebel forces to make any headway. There never has been any credible evidence of the Syrian army using chemical weapons and all these convoluted statements to that effect in past rather show the fraudulent character of these accusations that make no sense at all. There also have been accusations of rebels using chemical weapons and the small scale on which they are used make it more likely that they could well have been staged attacks by rebels or other outside proxies to invites intervention by western forces eager to perpetuate and widen the war into a sectarian conflict causing even more civilian casualties. The motives underlying and intervention have nothing to do with the qualms about chemical weapons, but rather concern definite geostrategic interests in which human life is subordinate.
15th June 2013