Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So the US is planning to escalate the Syrian war and inflicting even more destruction, chaos and civilian casualties on that hapless country. Western powers have been supporting an internally divided bunch of rebels affiliated to al Qaida and al Nusra by supplying them with all sorts of weaponry. It just doesn't make any sense. Besides to accuse the Syrian government troops of the recent chemical attack on civilians defies all logic. Why would they do so precisely at a time when UN inspectors have entered the country? How can the Syrian government be made responsible for refusing UN inspectors to enter a rebel held area when the area is occupied by the opposition?  The last few month the Syrian army was getting a grip on the situation and had cleared several rebel held towns. They were steadily gaining ground, so there was no need for them whatever to use chemical weapons. What do they gain by launching chemical attacks on civilians and thus providing an excuse for western powers to intervene?  Only rebel forces would gain by it not the Syrian government. It is also known that rebels have used chemical weapons on a small scale before. This latest chemical attack has all the hallmarks of an outside power attempting to provide an excuse to intervene and escalate a war in which the Syrian army was gaining the upper hand.
26 August 2013