Thursday, August 29, 2013


Many a reader and contributor to the Press letter pages must no doubt have noticed with great concern an apparent black out of debate on the Middle East crisis and in particular the US/Israel role  in the crisis, which is of paramount global importance. During the years of the Iraq war and before, there has always been lively and intense debates. Not any more. One may wonder what is behind this. The recently adopted GCSB surveillance legislation is no doubt all about population control. Censorship, i.e. the suppression of freedom of citizens to freely express themselves on extremely worrying developments in our world, in particular Israel, is no doubt also part of population and mind control. Only local, trivial and silly letters find their ways to the letter pages to-day. It would be unfair to blame individual editors - although surely carefully vetted - since they receive their directions and guidelines from 'above' and probably in conjunction with government policies as well.
They do have to comply if they don't want to loose their jobs. Yes, much have changed in recent years and not always for the better.