Friday, September 23, 2016

221 Long term goal

United Nation's ambassador Churkin's comments (Press 19/9) do not come as a surprise, when he stated that the United States is backing ISIS terrorists, whose aim is to establish an Islamic State in Syria. America is using ISIS and related terrorists groups as their "boots on the ground" in their vain attempts to oust President Assad and still hasn't given up on that long term goal, which over the years was accompanied by an intense disinformation campaign, false accusations and demonization of Syria's head of state in the western corporate media. This becomes even more evident when we remember TV footage of long columns of ISIS Toyota pick-ups and oil trucks traversing freely in broad daylight through the open desert to Turkey to sell the stolen oil., while American planes - ostensibly - were 'bombing' terrorist targets in Iraq and Syria. However, are we to believe that America with its highly sophisticated intelligence apparatus has missed to locate these canibals and head choppers? It was not until Russia exactly one year ago intervened and reversed the tide to the advantage of the Syrian Arab Army, very much to the chagrin and frustrations of the US neaocons intentions.
19 September 2016


In reference to the article headed 'Playing the Blame Game" (Press 23/9) it struck me that the Islamic terrorists were not mentioned, even though they most likely are the perpetrators of the attacks on the humanitarian food convoy in Aleppo. One may wonder why Mr. Kerry did not mention them, but instead blames Russia and the Syrian government of the attacks, which took place only days after American warplanes killed (accidentally of course!) 83 Syrian soldiers and injured a hundred more., allowing the terrorists to overrun a Syrian stronghold. However looking at photos and video footage of the attack on the food-convoy it becomes abundantly clear that no bombings from the air could have caused the destruction, as there were no bomb craters and the truck cabins were still virtually undamaged. (Syrian plane do not fly during the night). Aerial bombings (Mr Kerry initially stated two hours of relentless bombings, but later changed that) would have without a shadow of doubt have complete obliterated the trucks and would have reduced them to scrap metal.  A drone had been spotted in the air right before the attack occurred. Drones are able to accurately pin-point their targets. They have been used in assassination attacks on individuals. So there is also a possibility that the attack was carried out by a drone, which also explains why the fronts of the trucks were still almost unscathed. A thorough investigation will probably reveal the truth.
23 September 2016