Wednesday, September 28, 2016


The JIT (Joint Investigation Team) report has just been released to day 29/09/2016. Although it does not mention Russia directly it is clear that it attempts to invoke in the unsuspecting public mind Russia's implication by association and continue the controversy.  Its findings are merely a cover up and on closer look does not add up.  In this post I will mainly concentrate on MOTIVES, in my view an essential important aspect of the investigation which so far have been entirely ignored.

1) East Ukrainian separatists did find the MH17 black boxes. They handed these boxes in good faith over to the Malaysian authorities, within days after they were found. They were then subsequently handed over to a British forensic aviation laboratory for examination. These recording have never been made public and were completely ignored by JIT claiming they did not reveal anything important or relevant (?!).

Looking at it from a separatist perspective these recorders could have revealed vitally incriminating evidence, nevertheless they did indeed hand them over spontaneously to the Malaysian authorities, an event that was widely televised all over the world. So ask yourself if these separatists had really been the perpetrators of this crime, would they have incriminated themselves by handing over evidence that could have proven their culpability ? What criminal would be so stupid to do that. They could have destroyed the black boxes, handed them over to the Russians (which in hindsight they should have done)  or something like that, but they did not. This is an extremely important point that should not conveniently be glossed over.

2) There are two parties here Russia and Ukraine who both are in possession of various types of Buk missiles systems. This means that after the downing of the MH17 both were suspects, before any investigation took place. Nevertheless Ukraine becomes part of the investigation team, while Malaysia who owns the plane and had also a great number of casualties was initially excluded (they were first admitted in December in an 'observer' capacity).  However Russia has been accused straight from day one, before any investigation had even started on grounds of American satellite images. These images have to this very day never been released.
The question however is: why should Russia smuggle a Buk missile system across the border with the aim to shoot down a civilian passenger plane in broad daylight. The vapor trail of a Buk missile is visible for a long time over a wide area, as much as up to 30 kms. Also its rumble would have been heard from a big distance. It follows from this that the picture in the JIT report of a missile launch  must without a shadow of doubt be a fake and being faked we should put question marks behind all the other pictures as well.   Because the vapor trail would have been captured on camera by hundreds of people in the area and within hours splashed over all the western media, YouTube, Instagram and what have you. If the JIT picture was genuine it would have been published right from day one.  You cannot launch a Buk missile in broad daylight and no one has seen it. It only goes to prove that no missile launch had happened. While both sides deploy  Buk missiles the absurdity of the story goes that separatist had to secretly smuggle one over the border  from Russia, while Ukraine which had several Buk installations becomes part of the "investigation" team.  Besides Russia being such a reportedly very bureaucratic state, it is hard to believe that a Buk installation an be 'stolen' from a military compound that easy.
What political, military, strategic or other benefits  would that have brought Russia or the separatists, other than giving their adversaries in the west a perfect propaganda medium.
The question is Ce bono?  Who benefitted. That question is not so difficult to answer I think, if we look at the western media.