Sunday, October 9, 2016


Watching TV One News last night on the downing of MH 17 following the JIT report, several pictures were shown purporting to be 'evidence' that the plane was shot down by a Buk missile. That these pictures were faked becomes clearly evident from the one showing the smoke trail in the sky of a missile launch. If that picture would have been really genuine (could of course been taken anywhere) than this contrail would surely have been captured on camera by hundreds if not thousands of people that were in the area at the time and without a shadow of doubt would have been splashed all over the western mainstream news media, as well as be  on YouTube, Instagram etc. right from day one within hours. So if that picture is a fake and there is no doubt it is, than one could question marks behind all the other pictures as well. One can also wonder why these separatists would have incriminated themselves when days after the plane had been shot down they handed the black boxes - which could have contained vital evidence of their culpability - over to the authorities. The whole story does not make one iota of sense.
Friday 30 Sept. 2016

The 'Times' article (World 5/10), is in need of a correction. The nose-dive rrealtions between Russia and the US was not due to Russia's 'annexation' of Crimea as was wrongly stated, but was the result of the American orchestrated illegal coup at Maidan in Kiev in February 2014 and the subsequent revolt of the Russian speaking population in the eastern parts of the Ukraine against the newly installed Kiev regime. The people of Crimea are for 65% Russian and following a referendum chose to rejoin the Russian federation, which was accomplished in an exceptionally peaceful way. It should therefore be described as an accession, not an 'annexation'.  There were celebrations in the streets, as shown on TV worldwide. Not a single shot was fired, so actually Crimea was very fortunate to have avoided the same fate that befell the people of the Donbas in the east of Ukraine. However since Khrushchov  in 1954 decided to make Crimea part of the then Soviet Ukraine, it has always retained under mutual agreement its naval base there and a contingent of the Russian military.
Wednesday 5 October 2016

Anyone following the international news, both from corporate and alternative sources, know that the world has arrived at an extremely dangerous point in history, even more dangerous than the 1963 Cuban crisis. In the ME and particularly Syria the two major nuclear powers are now directly confronting each other. The US is mulling a 'no fly zone' over Syria. If that comes to pass the world will be on the brink of a nuclear disaster. You cannot dismiss this out of hand as mere 'scaremongering'. that would be simply irresponsible. The world is lowly inching towards a World War III which will most like be a nuclear war.
Friday 7 October 2016

May I remind your correspondent Wayne Hawker (8/10) that Russia is fighting the Islamic State in Syria, which is now overtly supported with weapons by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Turkey. If he has forgotten the heinous  atrocities such as beheadings, crucifixions etc. these terror groups  have perpetrated, I suggest that he gets hold of some few year old news papers. The U.S. and its allies main objectives have always been right from the beginning the overthrow of the Assad legitimate government and exploiting these terror groups, operating under various ever changing names to achieve their goal. Russia on numerous occasions have asked the Americans to separate the so called 'moderates' from the terrorists, but America was unable to do so, since there are no 'moderates'. It is simply re-branding the various terrorists groups. If it was not for the supply of American arms to these Islamists, this war could have been over years ago. So it was thanks to Russian intervention a year ago that has now turned the tide and prevented the black flag being hoisted over Damascus.
8 October 2016

Referring to the article headed 'Blame Game' (Press 23/9) it struck me  that the Islamic terrorists were not mentioned, even though they most likely are the perpetrators of this crime (bombing humanitarian food convoy) .One may wonder why Mr Kerry did not mention them, but instead blames Russia and the Syrian government of the attack, which took place only days after American war planes during a two hour sustained attack, killed ('accidentally of course)  83 Syrian soldiers, allowing the terrorists to overrun a Syrian stronghold. However looking at photos and video footage of the attack on the food convoy, it becomes abundantly evident that no bombings from the air could have caused the destruction, as there were no bomb craters and the cabin fronts were still virtually undamaged. Aerial bombings would have completely destroyed the trucks and turned them into scrap metal. . A pick-up truck pulling howitzer moving alongside the convoy was photographed from the air. A drone had also been reported in the air before the attack occurred, which could also have been attacking the convoy. The American military establishment is known to have been unhappy with the cease fire agreement struck with Russia only days before these two attacks took place. Drones have been used before in assassination attacks  on individuals because of their ability to pinpoint  accurately their targets and explains why the trucks were still partly in tact. 
12 October 22016

Good to see that Darryl Horne recognizes the plight of the Palestinian people, but blaming Hamas and Fatah for their terrible now 70 year long fate. By the way Fatah is the party situated in the West Bank presided by President Abbas, which is blamed for colluding with the Israelis. Mr Horne then goes on what a 'wonderful state Israel' is. No wonder you can built a 'wonderful state' if you can count on three billion dollars (thirty billion over ten years) annually from your sponsors in America. If Israel as the victors in the 1948 war had adopted right from the beginning a more humane, tolerant and understanding face towards these from their land and homes driven people, including compensation; abide by United Nation Resolution and Geneva Convention of the 'Right to Return', we might to-day have seen a very different situation in that part of the world. But no Israel's objectives to this very day have always remained the same as we can quite clearly discern in the continued annexation of the West Bank. As long as Israel continues along this path, I am afraid there won't be any peace in the Middle East.
14 October 20116