Wednesday, October 19, 2016

226 Media lynching?

Watching this Talk Show is strongly recommended. I have included my hitherto unpublished letter October 17 to the Press as well to show that my comments are not far off the mark.

Media lynching? RT — Crosstalk

In response to J.B. (World 17/10):
The hysterical frenzy of the mainstream corporate media's smear campaign against Trump is unprecedented in American electoral history. Accusations of presumed, but large unproven sexual conduct against women distract voters from the real issues a Trump administration might bring about. The old conservative political corporate media establishment, closely intertwined with the military industrial complex is obviously in panic. During past elections the main theme of candidates has always been change; change that never eventuated. Obama's slogan for change was: "Yes we can", but it never happened. A Clinton presidency will certainly not bring any change, but only much of the same and worse. Her paranoid, bellicose attitude towards Russia does not spell much good for the world's future, not for the American people. She is bound to continue the status quo, leading to more wars, killing thousands of innocents all over the world. Trump stands for diplomacy in international affairs and rapprochement to Russia; dismantling the sprawl of US military bases all over the world and loosening ties with NATO, which will free trillions of dollars for the real changes he envisages for domestic social programs and the improvement of the lives of millions of Americans living right now in dire poverty. That and only that are the main issues; not smears, gossip, lies and innuendo.

Submitted to 'The Press' 17/10/'16